Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Fence Contractor in Moreno Valley

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Fences and Fencing

People hire fence contractors for many reasons. They like the privacy around the yard. They like the security the fence gives them around their home. Fences also keep their kids from wandering in the streets or even possibly keeps them out of a swimming pool area. A Fence contractor in Moreno Valley can identify the needs of the individual and provide ideas for the types of fence available in the area. There are several questions to be asked prior to hiring a contractor to get started.

When giving an estimate for a fence, what is included in it?

Companies tend to give estimates for fencing but it does not include the cost of everything. If there is an extra charge for fence material not included in the estimate, this is something important to disclose up front. The same goes for any licensing fees or additional labor.

What type of guarantee is offered after the fencing job is complete?

Some of the fencing materials may be under warranty for a certain amount of time. If this is the case, get the name of the manufacturer and contact information in the case something happens with the material. Some companies also include a guarantee on their work to incent more people to go with them as the contractor. They even include this in their advertising.

Is the fencing company insured?

A company who is not insured is dangerous to use. Something could go wrong while they are on the job and there would be no way to cover the costs of the damage.

What type of permit needs to be obtained prior to starting?

In many cities and even neighborhoods, permission to build is required for fencing. If a permit needs to be obtained, this should be done prior to beginning the job.

What experience does the company have?

Experience is important to ensure the customer the job will be completed correctly and look good. A company with a lot of experience is also more trustworthy.

People can often get a referral from a friend or neighbor on someone to build their fence. They may like the work they have previously seen from the fencing company. Finding someone this way is great because you know the type of work they do.To find out more about a Fence contractor in Moreno Valley, Click Here.

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