Questions To Ask Before Considering Drug Rehab In NJ

Most people can take prescriptions as they’re intended and never turn to drugs as a way to relax or destress. However, for some, prescriptions or other drugs turn into addiction quickly, leaving them with two options: continuing with their destructive path or drug rehab in NJ. Before choosing a center, it’s important to ask yourself (and them) questions about what you want and how to achieve it.

The Results

There are a multitude of programs out there and each offers and expects different results. Some programs only require that you have a desire to stop using while some prescribe medication to help quell your desire or make you sick if you use. Other programs say that once you’ve completed their 28-day program, you’re cured and are successful. Therefore, it’s important to determine how the drug rehab center in NJ measures success to determine if it’s right for you and your needs.

Short/Long Term

Most centers focus on the 28-day plan, in which you go through medical detox, flushing the drugs from your system, and work on understanding your addiction and how not to trigger a relapse. While some people consider this a long-term option, some consider it a short-term program. Likewise, you can find IOP (intensive outpatient) options, partial hospitalization, and other programs to better suit you.


As touched upon earlier, drug rehab centers in NJ may be inpatient or outpatient. Most people would prefer to show up, do their treatment plan for the day and leave. Others must stay away completely from their life for a while to get sober and learn how to remain sober.

Drugs For Drugs

Many times, programs substitute the illegal or addicted drug for another, such as methadone or Suboxone. You’re still taking drugs, but they’re to help you deal with your addiction. Other programs focus on understanding what triggers you and removing it from your life.

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