Questions Related To A Dog Attack That An Injury Lawyer In Hollywood, FL Can Answer

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In Florida, all dog owners are required to maintain control over their animals to lower the risk of an attack. However, these owners fail to follow these guidelines and others are injured. When this happens, they are at fault for all injuries sustained by the victim. The following are questions related to a dog attack that an Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL can answer.

When is the Victim’s Case Dismissed?

The victim’s case is dismissed if they provoked the dog. Any action that they took that could make the dog attack them is deemed their own fault. Additionally, the victim cannot break any laws prior to this attack. If they broke into the property or if they were trespassing, they are liable for their own injuries.

What Circumstances Warrant a Strict Liability?

A strict liability is present when the pet owner was aware of aggressive behavior patterns. If the dog was involved in a previous attack, they are immediately liable for these injuries. Under these rulings, the court can make them pay further costs beyond the necessary medical treatment. They may also be required to pay tort-based awards.

When is Quarantine Required?

Quarantines are required when the pet owner doesn’t possess any vaccination records for the animal. They must present these records to animal control once the officer is notified of the attack. If they don’t have the records, the officer will require them to surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a period of twelve days.

What Awards are Provided for the Victim?

The awards provided to the victim often include the full cost of their medical treatment. The owner must also pay for any additional requirements associated with this injury. If a strict liability was present, the owners must pay an award for pain and suffering.

In Florida, all dog owners must follow measures to prevent an attack. They must enclose the animal in a fence, use a leash, or keep them in a safe space inside their home. If the dog attacks another individual, the owner is liable for these injuries. Victims of an animal attack contact an Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL or Browse Site for more details.

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