Protect Your Home or Other Buildings With Termite Inspection in Newcastle

There are a number of household pests that can disrupt your life, but one of the worst is the termite. Termites are a problem because they live in or consume many of the materials that your home is made from. In nature, the termite is a very useful creature. Their primary function is to consume dead plant matter that is necessary for forests and other areas with dense vegetation. Unfortunately, the insect doesn’t differentiate between dead plants on the ground and the wood which gives your home its structure. This can be a real problem which is why every building should have a Termite Inspection in Newcastle.

There are thousands of termite types and this community oriented insect was once thought to be a member of the ant family. Science has since determined that the termite is a member of the cockroach family which could explain why they are so tough to eliminate. The two most troublesome types of termites are “dry wood” termites and subterranean termites. The primary difference between them is where they live.

Drywood termites live inside the wood that they consume. You can usually determine the problem when you see small trench like excavations on wood surfaces. The subterranean termite gets its name from where it lives, under the soil. To access a food source, this termite will build a tunnel, so it doesn’t have to leave the soil. This particular form of travel can make it fairly simple to identify and can often make it easy to stop their invasion.

A Termite Inspection in Newcastle is the first step in combating this insect. A pest control expert will examine your home for signs of termite damage as well as areas that are necessary for their survival. For instance, termites need a source of water and one of the best ways to control them is to restrict access to such water supplies. It is also necessary to keep the termite away from any potential food sources.

This is done with trenches that block the termite from your home. Trenches may be used around footings, foundations or anything that can come into contact with the building. To learn more about termite inspections and control, visit Flick Pest Control Newcastle for effective pest control services.

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