Properly Doing Gutter Cleaning In Bellingham WA

If someone notices there is an abundance of water pooling up around the foundation of their home, they may want to take a look at their gutter system as being the culprit for this situation. When gutters become full of debris, water will not be able to make its way to the downspout to have it directed away from the home. When this happens, there is a good chance water will spill over the edges of the gutters, allowing it to accumulate in an area most homeowners want to protect. Here are some steps to take when doing gutter cleaning in Bellingham WA.

It is important to clean out gutters after a large storm or when they appear to become dirty. Check them every few weeks to make sure there debris is not clumped up in one area of the system. At the first signs of material building up within the gutters, remove it using gloved hands. If there is a lot of debris, a bucket can be used to collect it for disposal. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable getting up on a ladder to do gutter cleaning, they can call a roofing or gutter service to handle this task.

After the material is removed from the gutter system, the interior of the gutters will need to be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. This will help the homeowner notice any flaws within the system that may be in need of repair. If there is a crack in the gutter, it may also be the cause for the pooling of water at the foundation of the home. This can be fixed with caulk or by gluing a piece of flashing over the crevice so water makes its way to the end of the gutter without incident.

If someone wishes to find out more about gutter cleaning in Bellingham WA, or if they would like to schedule a cleaning by a professional, they can call a reliable service in the area. Someone would then come to the home with the appropriate equipment needed to clean and repair the gutter system as necessary.

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