Professional Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning Lakeview ensures that you can flash your smile with total confidence. We offer professional teeth cleaning as a part of our preventive dental care services. Most people should have a teeth cleaning every six months. Some people may need more frequent cleanings. Pregnant women, people with orthodontic devices and people prone to cavities may benefit from cleanings every three to four months.

The cleaning is performed by our gentle and professional dental hygienists. The hygienist will explain each step of the cleaning process to you. While cleaning, the hygienist will tell you if they notice any problems. Bleeding gums, plaque buildup or tartar are suggestive that you may not be doing enough with your oral care at home. Our dental hygienists can also tell if you have been too rough when brushing your teeth. If you need any tips on how to use floss, which floss to pick or whether to choose a powered toothbrush or a manual one, just let us know.

Teeth cleaning is a preventive measure. By removing the plaque, we can lower your risk of gum disease. Some of the other benefits of teeth cleaning include identifying any fillings, bridges or crowns that are loose, damaged or in need of replacement. A teeth cleaning is also important for removing stains. During a cleaning, we may measure any pockets around your tooth roots. We monitor these for signs of growth, which suggests gum disease.

When you need professional teeth cleaning Lakeview, contact us at Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park. We have convenient appointment times so that you can get preventive dental care and a great-looking smile. Give us a call today in order to schedule an appointment.

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