Practical Expectations To Have When You Hire A Orange County CA Trash Company

When you move into a new residential or commercial property, you need to hire a local garbage removal service to collect and empty your bins on a regular basis. If you are new to trash hauling services, you might wonder what kinds of expectations you should have for your contractor.

Before you sign up with a local trash company in Orange County CA, you need to keep some important tips in mind. These reminders can ensure that you get services that are worth the money that you will pay for them.

Availability of Services

When you contact a trash company in Orange County CA, you have the right to ask how often that you can have your garbage collected. Depending on factors like your household size or type of business, you could require hauling services more than just once a week. You want to know that the company that you hire can accommodate your needs for having your bins emptied.

Alternatively, if the company routinely picks up garbage two times a week but you only need it once a week, you need to find out if it can accommodate this special request. You do not want to pay for services that you will not use effectively during the week.

Recycling Services

You likewise can find out if the garbage removal service offers recycling options for people who want to recycle most of their waste. Some services offer two routes, one for garbage pickup and another for recycling removal. These two services are offered for a single rate each month that you pay to the company.

The company also offers two different bins for both purposes. One bin is for regular garbage while another is for your recycling. Contact Strategic Sanitation Services, Inc for more information.

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