Potential Costs for Garage Door Repair Services in Mesa, AZ

It can be quite a big deal when a garage door suddenly stops working. This makes it hard to get the car out of the garage and actually go somewhere. Because of the potential risk involved, it’s usually better to contact a professional that deals with Garage Door Repair Services in Mesa AZ rather than attempting to fix the problem on your own. The cost of the repairs will vary based on a number of factors, including where you’re located and the type and extent of the problem, but typically range from about $150 to $325.

Cost By Problem

Doors that don’t open may be fixed by simply moving anything that’s blocking the sensors or changing the batteries on the garage door opener. If there’s an obstruction in the wheel track, such as a bend or dent, or the door isn’t hanging straight, the cost for fixing the problem will probably be somewhere between $125 and $135. Should the garage door be opening unevenly based on issues with the springs, this is one of the more expensive problems to repair, often costing $300 or more. A broken chain that causes the door to fall too fast could cost about $150 to $200 to repair, while fixing the cause of loud noises like squeals or screeches could cost about $155. Other less expensive problems to fix include broken door glass, dents or dings and circuit board replacement, which tend to range in price from about $75 to $100. If it turns out the problem is just a hinge or roller that needs replacing, these only cost about $10 each for the parts, but there may be a fee for labor or making a service call as well.

Different Types of Doors

The type of door can affect the average repair cost, with traditional one-panel doors that tilt up usually costing the most to repair and the more common sectional doors causing the least to repair. Likewise, the material used to make the door can affect the repair cost. Wood doors are the most expensive to repair, followed by aluminum doors. Steel and fiberglass garage doors tend to be less expensive to get fixed.

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