Points of Consideration for Fences in Cleveland OH

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Fence Contractor

Fences in Cleveland OH, and everywhere else across the country, fulfill many purposes such as containing livestock, keeping the family dog or children safely in the homeowner’s yard, providing security and privacy, or serving as the crowning touch to the properties appearance. Fencing is a large investment in a home’s equity and as such one needs to consider what the fence’s main purpose will be in order to make the appropriate choice.

Consider these common advantages and disadvantages to erecting a fence:

*   Privacy -; The right choice of fencing material can provide privacy, such as a wooden fence, particularly a solid one that is at least 6 feet tall. Privacy Fences in Cleveland OH allow homeowners to dine or hang out in their backyard without feeling as if they are on display for the neighborhood. Privacy fences also provide an added layer of security against home invasions -; if people can’t see what’s in your backyard or peer through your windows, they are less enticed to take what’s not theirs.

*   Noise Reduction -; There is a good reason why communities erect those tall, concrete walls alongside highways, it’s because they are extremely efficient at blocking or deflecting traffic noise. Some manufacturers have developed a type of fencing material specifically designed at reducing noise, but even a solid wooden fence, effectively reduces noise by up to 10 decibels.

*   Containment -; With livestock, fencing is a necessity; however, fencing also provides a means to contain the family dog within the property boundaries of the owner. Let’s face it; fencing works great for providing a safe place for young children to play as well, preventing them from running onto a busy road. Fences also prevent unwanted animals from wandering onto your property as well.

A disadvantage of Fences in Cleveland OH that are not made from vinyl or metal, but rather from wood, are maintenance. Wood will require periodic staining or painting and are subject to insects and the elements. In residential settings, one must check local fence codes and possible restrictions under homeowner’s associations, if applicable.

Once you’ve decided on the type of fence you want to install, contacting a professional contractor like R & M Fence, will serve you well in the long run. A professional fence installer assumes responsibility for all facets of the construction from obtaining the permits, verifying compliance with local codes, and avoiding buried utility lines.

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