Mobile Car Detailing in Dallas: Avoid These Mistakes When DIY-ing

Though nothing beats getting your car detailed by a pro, sometimes you want to do things yourself. If you wish to learn more about detailing your car, and more importantly which mistakes you should avoid, read on.

1. Don’t Wash Your Car Under Direct Sunlight

There are many reasons you should wait to wash your car in the evening or begin the process early in the morning. Washing your car under the hot sun is not only uncomfortable and dangerous, but it is also bad for your car’s paint job. You are also likely to get more water spots, as the water will evaporate unevenly in some areas.

2. Avoid Pouring Wax Directly onto the Car

Another mistake people commonly make is that they will pour wax directly on their car. This can damage the finish and cause your car’s paint job to look dull and uneven over time. Therefore, opt for a wax with an applicator.

3. Don’t Clean Your Tires Last

The car’s tires are often the dirtiest part of the vehicle! Though many people have been conditioned to clean from the top-down, throw this notion out of your brain. Since the tires may take the longest, and require the most energy, start with them first.

4. Avoid Using Dish Soap

While this grease-killing substance is great for your kitchen, try to keep it out of your garage as it is a bit too harsh, and can harm the paint on your car.


In conclusion, mobile car detailing in Dallas can be tricky so it is best to work with professionals. If you do detail your car on your own, proceed with caution and avoid these key mistakes.

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