Mens Fishing Shirts And UV Protection

At one time, everyone went outdoors with minimal protection under the summer sun. A t-shirt, shorts and glasses and sometimes a hat were all people wore. Today, the lurking threat of cancer from the invisible ultraviolet rays of the sun, results in a different scenario. For those who spend the day fishing on a boat in Georgia or the banks of a river or lake, women’s and mens fishing shirts may do double duty – providing protection from insects and the sun.

While sunscreen and clothing of various lengths offer you some protection from UV rays, it will depend upon a number of factors how protective the clothing actually is. A simple white t-shirt can provide nominal protection. Yet, it cannot completely shield your skin from a hot Georgia sun. Its ability to stop burning or sun damage actually will decrease if it becomes wet. The answer is not more clothing, but protective clothing.

What Is Sun Protective Clothing?

While, as noted above, clothing can inhibit the impact of the sun on your skin, it does not offer adequate protection for those who spend hours fishing. The design of sun protective clothing can and does. Whether long or short sleeved, the clothing achieves this through the fabric it utilizes. Sun protective mens fishing shirts, for example, are produced specifically to block the sun’s rays. Current technology provides manufacturers with the wherewithal to accomplish this.

What to Look for in Sun Protective Clothing

To ensure the clothing will block the sun during your fishing trip, make sure it is rated high in its ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). The best range should fall somewhere between 15 (good) to 50 and more (excellent protection). As in sun screen, the higher the number, the better the protection.

Other factors to consider are:

* Color: lighter generally indicates higher UPF ratings
* Yarn Size
* Knit or Weave: The tighter the better
* Fabric: Synthetic and lustrous fibers e.g. Nylon, Lycra, polyester and polyester blends are better

With this in mind, shop carefully for sun protective clothing for those in your life who love to fish. These will include, not only men but also fair skinned individuals, children and any member of your family or circle who is going to be fishing on a lake or river.

Mens Fishing Shirts

If you plan to go fishing in Georgia, make sure you dress appropriately. If the sun is shining hot and heavy, or you plan to spend much of the day on the water, where the sun reflects its dazzling gaze, consider purchasing sun protective clothing, including mens fishing shirts. Like sunscreen, it will work to help reduce the risk of cancer and other sun-related skin issues, making it much safer for everyone to enjoy their favorite pastime.

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