Make IVR Your Receptionist

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Telecommunications

If your company’s call volume is increasing, but your staffing isn’t, it may be time to bring technology to their rescue with IVR services – interactive voice response. While the technology has a number of uses, one of its most effective is as your inbound call receptionist. Inbound callers will interact with a computer using their voice or the keypad on their phone. What can the systems do? Quite a lot.

Every Line Answered

Interactive voice response interact with callers, gathers information, and helps the client to self-direct the call to the most appropriate person or department. This is done with a combination of keypad selections and voice recognition. No matter how high the volume of incoming calls, the combination of network infrastructure, software, and hardware make sure that you will never miss or risk misdirecting another call. You can even add surveys, or even allow complete transactions entirely over your IVR services. These kinds of services can work for small or medium-size businesses, or a huge multi-location call center with thousands of employees. You can:

* Direct calls to the appropriate departments and personnel.

* Refine calls inbound to your call center.

* Take simple orders or complete transactions.

* Allow customers to look up and access information.

* Provide customer account information.

Any of the above situations can give your customer a more satisfactory experience than repeatedly pushing 0 in order to get a live human on the phone. Very often, inbound callers may be stressed out by a problem or difficulty, and by handling the situation with a responsive and intelligent system, you will save wear and tear on your staff, and create a happy and satisfied customer. There are a lot of different solutions for your inbound and outbound calling issues that upgrading your technology and software can turn around.

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