Lowering Costs Of Metal Machining Services

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Machine

One of the benefits of working with an experienced machining service is the ability to reduce the cost of production per unit. Original Equipment Manufacturers with large volume single orders or ongoing orders will find even a small reduction in the cost per unit of metal machining can add up to very large savings.

Cutting Costs Not Corners

Whenever considering a machining service offering a lower total price for metal machining, take the time to understand how the price is being reduced. Is the company able to provide more advanced equipment and a faster process? Are they able to reduce the use of multiple machines through the more effective use of a vertical machining center or more advanced options in CNC equipment?

It is essential to avoid cutting costs by lessening the quality control or the precision type of CNC machining required to produce the parts and components. Always talk to the service provider about their capabilities and equipment and how this will be instrumental in reducing machining costs.

Small Design Changes

Many companies offering metal machining also have their own in-house engineers and designer. These experts can often review a drawing and make recommendations for small feature modifications which will reduce the cost of production without impacting the performance of the part or component. Simple issues such fewer complex details on a part can save both time and money.

A Closer Look at Tolerances

The tighter the tolerances, the more costly it can be to produce a part, particularly if the machining company does not have the latest in CNC equipment and technology. Comparing different machining services will be essential if you have more complex parts which have to machine to tight tolerances.

Take the time to get quotes from a few services and compare the information. It is also important to review the tolerances required and determine if the specs called for are absolutely necessary to meet those requirements.

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