Light-Duty/Light Load Pillow Block Bearings

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Industrial Supplier

If a company wants to secure a rotating shaft to a surface that remains stationary, it will consider installing pillow block bearings. Such a unit will provide both stability and self-lubrication for many different applications. Selecting one for your Louisiana operation requires close attention to the intended use as well as the construction, capabilities and overall design of the unit. Some pillow block units do not have the capacity to handle heavy or even medium loads. They are for light-duty only.

Light-Duty/Light Load

Pillow or Plummer block bearings play a significant role in mechanical operations. They have an amazingly wide array of applications covering a diverse range of industrial concerns. When it comes to choosing the right type of bearings to address light duty and light loads, certain characteristics and facts come to mind.

* Plain bearings are more common than roller-element bearings are. The latter is capable of tolerating heavier loads and greater speeds

* Companies usually replace light-duty pillow block bearings rather than maintain them. This practice is abetted by the lower cost of such bearing types

* Ball bearings are often chosen for light-load/light duty applications. This is particularly valid if they possess stamped steel housings.

* Miniature pillow block mounted bearings are compact in design and best suited for light-load/light duty applications

Always remember to ascertain the load capacity (psi) of a pillow block bearing before purchasing and installing it in your Louisiana plant.

Light-Duty Pillow Block Bearings

The humble pillow block bearing plays a significant role in machinery that embraces a wide span of modern industrial concerns. In Louisiana, Texas and elsewhere across the United States, companies rely on this device to ensure their equipment functions properly. Before selecting pillow block bearings for your machinery, always consider the purpose, application, and function of both the machinery and the bearings. This will help guide you in making the right choice – one that will result in trouble-free, low-maintenance, lengthy service.

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