Is a Chain-Link R & M Fence in Newburgh Heights Really the Best All-Around Option for Dog Owners?

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Fence Contractor

Dog owners in Newburgh Heights seem to live for the chain-link fence. It appears to be the most versatile option for keeping dogs inside and safe. The majority of dogs have little interest in breaching a chain-link fence-;until they do.

So, what makes chain-link fences so attractive?

The easy answer is the cost and the simplicity of installation. A chain-link fence can be added in a single day and for a very affordable cost. This accessibility does not mean the chain-link fence is great for dogs. It has a lot of flaws. For one, dogs can see outside of it. Dogs that have a tendency to run and bark will have a constant field day while outside-;and not in a good way. Chain-link fences are also not the most durable out there, and a large dog can easily make her way through a portion of the fence with little resistance. Owners will have to update their chain fence often, especially against rambunctious dogs that see it as a constant barrier to freedom. Fence installers will add a wood panel base underneath the fence to dissuade diggers, but that won’t stop the most determined pups from scaling the top or barging right on through.

Chain-link fences are generally flexible and they are see-through. This can spark a disaster for many dog owners. A Classic wood panel R & M Fence Newburgh Heights may be the best alternative for a dog owner. First, the fence is largely enclosed, which means it is not easy for a dog to see out (or a person to see in). Wood panel fences can also scale quite high, keeping jumping dogs at bay against a six foot or higher wood fence structure.

Many dog owners may speak highly of the chain-link fence, but that may be coming from a place of saving money. For most dog owners, a wood panel R & M Fence Newburgh Heights is a superior option.

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