Improve Any Car Wash Business with Car Wash Controllers

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Business

The secret to a clean vehicle is an efficiently operated car wash that offers all of the amenities and necessary tools to clean a car. There are several times of year when the car wash industry is booming but for most people, it is important to maintain a clean vehicle year round. There is a great amount of pride that owners put into their vehicles, and the cleanliness of it is ranked alongside that of maintenance. There are many options to choose from regarding car washes, but the best one is the business that offers substantial results, convenience, pleasant and professional environment and a smooth process from beginning to end. There is a hand on approach required of owners in an effort to keep the business flowing and cars moving through the car wash bay. The ultimate goal is to deliver a professional cleaning with superior customer service in a reasonable time frame.

Convenience of Control

There are many advances that the car wash industry has undergone in the past few years. The capabilities of the controllers make it almost a scientific process that seems out of this world. Equipment operators and greeters alike are finding that the entire wash process is much simpler with the incorporation of controllers during the wash cycle. There are many innovative additions that help to introduce contemporary measures to functional equipment in car care. The convenience is depicted in the quality of the controller system and its ability to enhance the simple wash system. The functions are fully engaged and vary among system types, but all types offer great convenience from the front to the back end of the car wash portal.

Business Upgrade

There is a great difference in the turn-around time and performance experience with car washes who utilize controllers. Any of these businesses that aren’t taking full advantage of the technical upgrades such as those provided by controllers are surely behind the competition. An upgrade to the system is an automatic upgrade to the outcome of the wash and the profit of the business. There are several ways that controllers contribute to the wash process, and the function abilities are numerous. Adjustments for scheduled wash downs, energy conservation and equipment maintenance are only a few of the capabilities presented with most of these systems. Installation of controllers to a car wash can instantly upgrade a car wash from standard to premium in performance and service provision.

Car Wash Controllers play a significant role in the productive operation of a car wash. eGenuity understands the value of quality car wash operations. If you operate a car wash business, they offer car wash POS systems as well featuring integrated car wash controllers.

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