Importance of Weed Control Services Boynton Beach Florida

by | May 18, 2017 | Pest Control

The backyard is usually a hub for all sorts of entertainment which include pool parties, family dinners, barbecues, birthdays as well as other events. It is perfect for gatherings which involve having neighbors and friends over for casual conversations and refreshing drinks. No matter the occasion, a tidy and well-kept lawn is a must have.

In order for one to have such a lawn, the importance of using Weed Control Services Boynton Beach Florida cannot be exaggerated. The state of a lawn is a reflection of its owner, and there’s nothing that looks more untidy than unsightly weeds invading a lawn.

There are different types of weed, and some are much harder to control than others. Therefore, Weed Control Services in Boynton Beach Florida concentrates mainly on these types. Weeds which are very difficult to control are of two types: Annual and perennial. Annual weeds are those that live for a single growing season, though controlling them is still very challenging. Perennial weeds usually live for two years or more and regrow or resprout even after numerous attempts to eradicate them.

Annual weeds

There are a few species of annual weeds which are very difficult to manage, because of their resistance to treatments. Poa annua (Annual bluegrass), rescuegrass, and knotweed are some notable examples. Annual weeds may also require repeated applications of preemergent. A pre-emergent’s second application must be timed to correspond with secondary flushes of germination because once the plants begin to produce seed heads or flower, it becomes tougher to control them.

Perennial Weeds

These kinds of weeds can survive very adverse conditions and reproduce quickly. Wild garlic, tubers (purple and yellow nutsedge), stolons and rhizomes (dollar weed, quackgrass, dallisgrass, ground ivy, etc.) and thickened storage roots (chicory, Brazil pusley, Virginia buttonweed) are some common types of perennial weeds. Different kinds of pre-emergents can be used to control these perennial weeds, but it is necessary that repeated applications, which may last for a number of growing seasons, must be undertaken.

For year-round protection of lawns from both annual and perennial weeds, it’s best to contact Above & Beyond Pest Control in Boynton Beach Florida for all Weed Control Services Boynton Beach Florida.

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