Impact Windows in Miami Are an Revolutionary Upgrade for Your Home

Impact windows, also known as hurricane windows or storm windows, are specially designed windows that can withstand high winds and debris impact, making them an essential addition to homes in areas prone to hurricanes and severe storms. Impact windows in Miami provide exceptional benefits, making them a smart investment for any homeowner.

The Benefits of Impact Windows

Protection From Storms

Impact windows are tested to withstand high winds and flying debris, providing a critical layer of protection for your home during hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe weather conditions. These windows are made of impact-resistant glass, composed of two layers of tempered glass with a PVB layer between them. The PVB layer holds the glass together in the event of an impact, preventing shards of glass from flying into your home and protecting you and your family from harm.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Impact windows also offer improved energy efficiency, helping you save money on utility bills. The double layer of glass and insulating PVB layer help to reduce heat transfer, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This means you can rely less on your heating and cooling system, lowering energy costs.

Sound Reduction

Impact windows are also great for sound reduction, making them an ideal choice for homes near busy streets, airports, or other sources of noise pollution. The thick, multi-layered glass and PVB layer work together to reduce outside noise, helping to create a more peaceful and comfortable living environment.

Increased Home Value

Impact windows also increase your home’s value. The added protection, energy efficiency, and sound reduction benefits are all attractive features for potential buyers, making impact windows a wise investment in your property.

Impact Windows in Miami

With their many benefits, impact windows are an investment that you won’t regret making. In Miami, you can contact Armando Gonzalez Remodeling Inc at for quality impact windows.

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