How to Save Money on Shop Coolant Costs

Today’s machine shop has advanced, high-tech equipment. Modern machining methods and tramp oil skimmer systems are more efficient than ever. However, some things never change. For example, your shop creates waste material, and you need lubricants or coolants to protect machinery and products. Shop fluids are a major cost and cutting costs increases efficiency and profits. Here are some helpful tips for saving money on coolants and cleaning fluids.

Understanding Hidden Costs

Some costs are easy to see. For example, if you invest in a new tramp oil skimmer or filtration system, you can see the upfront costs and figure out the eventual savings. However, when you keep careful records of these things, you can decide if your coolant recovery system is working efficiently:

Production – track production from day-to-day. Are some days more efficient than others? If so, determine why you have variances. Contaminated or dirty coolant can cause unpredictable problems and delays.

Tool performance – how often do you replace tools? Do they need frequent sharpening? Poorly maintained coolant shortens tool life.
Quality issues – Do your machinists have finishing problems? Dirty coolant makes it hard to produce smooth and even finishes. Coolant issues may cause staining or discolorations also.

Total downtime – tracking downtime is important because it tells you how efficient your shop is. If you notice frequent downtime, something is causing it, and you could have coolant issues.

Disposal costs – coolant doesn’t last forever, but you can recycle it many times. When disposal costs are abnormally high, something is wrong with your tramp oil skimmer or filtration system.

One Fluid Source

When you deal with one distributor for your fluids, you can save a lot of money. Choose a company providing high-quality cutting oils, lubricants, cleaners, rust inhibitors, and other shop fluids.

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