How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana Delivery in Orange County

Want to have medical marijuana delivered In Orange County, it’s possible if one meets certain criteria. Check out these tips for getting medical marijuana delivery in Orange County.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Convenient courier services offered by delivery companies in Orange County make it easy to have medical marijuana to one’s door in a matter of hours, often in less time. Before scheduling this service, one must have the proper identification and documentation. Recreational marijuana isn’t deliverable, only medical. Therefore, one must have their medical marijuana card available to receive this service.

Meet the Delivery Threshold

All one-time marijuana delivery orders must meet a minimum delivery threshold. The minimum delivery order varies depending on the chosen company. Some require a minimum order of $40, others might require more.

Choose a Reputable Service

When ordering marijuana and having it delivered to one’s door, it’s important to work with a reputable company in the community. These companies follow all protocols and have strict requirements for how their cannabis is produced. Choose a service that believes in delivering a quality product.

Also, choose a delivery service with friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. When using a delivery service for the first time, one might not know what they want. Friendly staff makes the buying process easier and more comfortable.

Before placing an order, make sure to have one’s doctor’s medical note for cannabis recommendation and a valid California identification. These are the two most important things to have when requesting

medical marijuana delivery in Orange County.

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