How to Improve Your Craft with a Fabric Swatch Binder

Sewists enjoy sewing, working with different fabrics, and creating different projects. Fabric swatch binders can help you learn more about fabrics and provide you with examples to show clients. On the other hand, a fabric swatch book is similar to a log or diary of the different fabrics you have used, documented and bought. Read on to find out how to improve your craft with fabric swatch binders.

Do this Fabric Work with Your Project?

If you are new to sewing, then a fabric swatch book can take the guest work out of designing a clothing item. It can prevent you from choosing the wrong fabric for a project. As a sewist, you must learn the purpose of the different fabrics. All fabrics are not made equal. One small difference is the hang and flow of the material, which may not work with certain sewing styles.

Hands On Knowledge

When looking at fabrics to complement each other, you should look at the colors, designs, and textures. If you have a collection of swatches on hand, then you can look through it for reference. You can also physically touch the fabric and see how it works in the real world.

Key Pieces of Information

A fabric swatch book contains key pieces of information, which are helpful when choosing materials.  This information includes name of the fabric, fiber content and breakdown, care instructions and where the fabric was purchased. If you were working on a wedding dress, then you could look through the book to find the right fabric to work with your design.

It helps to find a reliable sources for swatches. This tool is helpful when working with clients and completing a successful project.

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