How to Fulfill OSHA Fall Protection Standards

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Safety Equipment Supplier

It is every company’s duty to ensure that its employees are safe at all times. If their work requires climbing or working at high altitudes, it is a legal duty that the working environment meets OSHA Fall Protection standards. To ensure that you fulfill such regulations, you may hire a company that specializes in the protection regulations of employees.

For your company to meet the regulations, you must provide your employees with training and climbing equipment. Not only do the regulations keep employees safe, they also prevent your company from litigation issues in the event of unforeseen eventualities. To protect your investment and your employees, you must ensure that your employees are working with the latest equipment. You must also make sure that the equipment is inspected before and after each use.

Fall prevention programs have been designed to ensure that in the event of an accident your employees are not seriously injured. This is especially vital if the employees work at heights above ground level. In order to prevent accidents, training programs have been created. The following are some considerations to make while choosing training and equipment provider.

  • You should choose a company that is fully familiar with OSHA protection rules. This will protect your company from OSHA fines and lawsuits. THE Training provided should be extensive to ensure that your employees learn how to use the equipment properly the first time. Any company that includes fall training as a part of their complete training is worth considering.
  • Some companies also manufacture systems such as safety harnesses among others. Some can also construct custom safety items since not every work site is the same. It is important to ensure that the same company that manufactures custom items is the same one that trains employees. They are the ones who know exactly how the item works. When suspended in the air, you cannot afford confusion.

If you want a company that can both manufacture equipment and train your employees, then you should contact Ellis Fall Safety Solutions LLC. Their equipment provides superior fall protection, and their extensive training programs will ensure that you and your employees get the knowledge needed in the event of an accident. This will ensure you are well within the OSHA Fall Protection regulations set by the government. For more details Visit Us.

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