How to Find the Right Family Lawyer in Bremerton WA

When one is facing divorce, it can be difficult to know what to do or where to turn. Most people know someone who’s gone through a divorce, but it can be hard to know how to proceed if one doesn’t have the right Family Lawyer in Bremerton Wa. Spouses can follow these steps to find a divorce lawyer that’s right for them.

Have Realistic Expectations

Spouses should realize that the divorce process has one purpose: to resolve child custody issues and divide assets. The attorney’s job is to provide competent representation, not to serve as an emotional sounding board. Attorneys have high rates and the clock is always ticking, and unless one has unlimited financial resources, it’s a waste of money to use a lawyer as a therapist. Clients should be realistic about the attorney’s role, and about what they can expect from the process.

Remain Goal-Oriented

The client’s goal should be to end the marriage as amicably as possible, without severe effects on one’s lifestyle. Clients shouldn’t let their emotions come to the forefront when negotiating over material assets, as fighting over possessions can make a divorce more expensive, longer and more litigious. Spouses are better served by keeping their focus on getting the process done as quickly as possible.

Consider Litigation Alternatives

Before one rushes to hire a lawyer, they should consider litigation alternatives. If the couple’s finances aren’t combined and there are no children to consider, one may hire a divorce mediator to help negotiate fair terms. Mediation is a quick, relatively inexpensive route to divorce, and in some cases, one may not need an attorney. Litigation should be viewed as a last resort, and one should determine what type of lawyer they need based on their circumstances.

Research Potential Lawyers

The hiring process should start with initial phone calls, where the prospective client asks the Family Lawyer in Bremerton Wa about their family law focus and the type of clients normally represented. Most divorce attorneys charge hourly fees and require the submission of a retainer, but some work on a contingency fee basis. The majority of attorneys provide free consultations to discuss case specifics and possible legal approaches.

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