How Professionals Plan a Landscape Design in Norwalk, CT

by | May 23, 2016 | Landscaping

In Connecticut, homeowners need professional landscaping. The services help the homeowner to acquire all the benefits of the projects. This includes higher property values and aesthetic improvements. A professional can provide a Landscape Design in Norwalk CT that is performed correctly.

Choosing the Right Plant Placement

The right placement of the chosen plants determines several factors about design. The placement affects how the plants grow. It determines the health of the roots and how the plants look over time. It also determines how the plants could be affected by pests and possible diseases. If the plants aren’t placed correctly, they are at a higher risk of infection and could die quickly.

What is a Hardiness Zone?

The hardiness zone defines what areas are appropriate for certain plants This is based on warmer climates that are needed for these plants to thrive. The landscaper evaluates the property and considers the local climate before choosing the plants for the design.

Gauging the Accessibility of Sunlight

The landscaper evaluates the home’s exterior. This determines what areas receive the greatest sunlight. The experts need to gauge each area of the yard to determine if the plants will receive adequate sunlight in these areas. This affects the plants and how they grow. This includes areas with partial shade or high quantities of sunlight.

Evaluating the Soil

The condition of the soil determines if the plants will grow and stay healthy. When there is an issue with the soil, the landscaper may need to treat it to improve it. This helps them to enrich the soil and help the landscaping design to continue to thrive. This could help them to prevent hindrances. They can also use an irrigation system to ensure that the soil stays moist as needed.

In Connecticut, homeowners acquire professional landscaping to improve the looks of their homes. These concepts allow them to increase the value of the properties. It also helps them to improve the overall appearance of their properties. It could also provide several environmental advantages as well. Homeowners who want a Landscape Design in Norwalk CT should contact Giglio Landscaping Services today for more information.

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