How Foxboro Pressure Transmitter Equipment Works

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Industrial Supply

Today many industrial applications call for sensitive and reliable pressure measurement equipment, and Foxboro pressure transmitter equipment is popular for a number of reasons. In fact, the company makes an IMV31 Intelligent Multi-Variable gauge that offers a wide range of features and benefits. Here is info on how this equipment works and why many companies depend on it.

What is the IMV31?

The IMV31 is designed to be extremely accurate and uses hydrostatic technology with multivariable sensors. It uses a wide range of pressure sensing technology such as:

* Differential

* Absolute

* Temperature measuring

Why Use So Many Technologies?

When measuring the density of liquids or gasses, a number of changes can occur during industrial processes. These changes (like temperature and other factors) can affect the accuracy of measuring equipment. By using several technologies, you can compensate for most variables that occur.

Important Features of the IMV31

The IMV31 Foxboro pressure transmitter can deliver an output signal as low as four milliamps and as high as twenty milliamps. Here are some more features:

* Less equipment needed – you can use one transmitter to measure fluid, tank, and the differential pressure within a system. You have fewer parts that need maintenance and installation are simple and easy.

* Extreme accuracy

* Versatile – you can use the same equipment for an open tank and closed tank applications. Also, tank height really doesn’t matter so that you can install the IMV31 Foxboro pressure transmitter almost anywhere. You can also use this equipment with a wide range of process fluids.

Choosing the Right Equipment

When you need the right pressure measurement equipment for your business, go to an experienced company that offers top name brands in pressure and flow measurement products. They can help you choose the best parts. The top companies can also rebuild and repair your equipment if you have problems with obsolete parts.

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