How Couples Sex Therapy Can Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

Some couples get a bit fearful at the thought of seeing a couples sex therapist. Typically, they don’t want to admit there might be a problem in their relationship in the sex department. Others fear they might get some suggestions they would never agree to, or that they will have to reveal details of their past intimate relationships to their partner.

That is not the case. When they finally put their fears aside, many couples are surprised at how much therapy is helping them. Let’s explore more about how couples sex therapy can help benefit your relationship and reignite that spark between you and your partner.

Admitting There Is a Problem

The first step to getting help in any avenue in life is first admitting there is a problem. It’s not easy to admit this, especially in the sex department. The media keeps portraying sex as hot and heavy at all times between couples on virtually any show you watch. This type of thinking leads couples into believing that their sex life is less than stellar. When you begin speaking with a sex therapist, they will assure you that it’s normal for couples to have problems such as the ones you are experiencing, and that many couples have sexual problems at some point in their relationships.

Even newlyweds have problems adjusting to their new sexual behavior. Parents of young children often experience the exhaustion that comes along with raising a family, making it difficult to squeeze in intimate time. Older couples may find difficulty in the arousal department, with the physical changes happening in their bodies. As you can see, it’s quite common for many couples in many different stages of life to experience these issues, so you are not alone.

How Can Couples Sex Therapy Help?

Sex therapy can help you become more open with your partner about any issues or troubles you are experiencing. A sex therapist gives you someone you feel comfortable talking with. Many people don’t feel comfortable enough to talk with their friends about issues they may be experiencing in the bedroom. This is where a sex therapist can help.

Sex Therapy Can Address the Problem

Sex therapy will help you figure out where the problem may be. Couples typically are not entirely sure where the disconnection between the two of them is, and this is where a sex therapist can help. By interviewing you and your partner separately, and then together, your therapist will help you to get down to the root of the problem. When you discover what the problem is, your therapist can give you tools to help you fix the issues causing it.

Couples sex therapy is something that can help allow you and your partner to reconnect on a more intimate level. A lack of sexual desire between spouses can make it difficult to carry on with everyday activities, even if other areas of their relationship seem to be going great. Having someone help you to figure out what is causing these issues and reassure you that they are completely normal can help give your relationship hope.

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