Hiring an Emergency Room Physician Billing Company

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Financial Services

Outsourcing your emergency room physician billing as a medical practitioner can greatly increase your profits. By turning to a company to handle the billing and coding, you can  reduce the losses that would otherwise be incurred by your staff trying to handle those  processes. By turning to an emergency room physician billing company you can rest assured that the people who you hire have the knowledge and the resources needed to improve your bottom line and reduce your receivables. Some of the most highly qualified billers will use top of the line software and be certified in coding and contracts that you need most. But what can an emergency room gain from using an outside billing company?

By outsourcing the work to another company, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. You can reduce your overall staff expenses.

Emergency room physician billing through an in-house staff can be an expensive process.  Not only do you have to hire the medical billers in house, but you also have to provide benefits and training. But if you turn to an emergency room physician billing company, your practice will be able to access trained professionals who can help you process your medical bills without incurring additional salary and benefits costs. You also alleviate any risk of retaining new coders and billers should there be any turnover in your staff.

2. You can reduce your software expenses.

With medical coding, you need the right technology. Managing claims in an effective manner requires software that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars when you take into consideration the software costs and the costs to train medical personnel. But if you use another company to handle this on your behalf, they have access to the best software and technology on the market and they are also highly skilled to work with said software and technology in a fast and accurate manner.

3. You can reduce your time expenses.

In a field where you charge by the hour time is money. Medical coding and billing is a complex field and it takes a great amount of time. If you can outsource the work to a medical company, you can get back the time that would otherwise be invested by yourself and your staff in dealing with software upgrades and small accounting errors, and get back to providing quality care for your patients.

4. You can improve your claim management and increase your profits.

Research indicates that practices who turn to medical coding and billing companies enjoy more effective claim reimbursements. Emergency room physician billing companies need to deliver high profit margins for their clients through high quality work or they are out of work themselves.

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