Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney in Murrieta

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Lawyers

If someone becomes hurt by the hand of their partner, they may decide to leave the home and seek assistance. Another important part of this process is finding a domestic violence attorney in Murrieta. This is necessary to press charges against the person or to help in getting a restraining order against them so further violence will not be as likely.

An attorney will help the person to file the proper paperwork if a restraining order is needed. If the violence lead to injury, most likely a court date would be appointed to prove this. The person injured will need to build a case against their partner with the properly documented evidence in an attempt to have them charged for their acts.

It is important that someone gets medical assistance as soon as they are hurt by another. The physicians and nurses will write needed documentation about the condition of their patient at the time they arrived at the facility. This, along with photographs taken at the medical facility, will show that the person was indeed hurt enough that it caused markings or an alteration to the body. If the patient wishes, they can take additional photographs with their cell phone to keep as prove of the injuries they sustained.

In court, the person who caused the injuries may not be in the courtroom at the same time as the victim if there was a restraining order retained. This will make it easier on the victim as they will need to give details about the incidents that caused them injury. In other instances, the court will require both parties to be in the room, but they will be kept separated during the process along with a heavy police presence.

If someone needs to hire a domestic violence attorney in Murrieta, they would need to find one that will represent them to the fullest of their ability. Call the Law Office of Michelle Penna to get the process started in building a case against the abusive person, if desired. A website like michellepennaattorney.com can also provide more information.

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