Helping Individuals Transition to Independent Living in Burnsville

Dealing with mental illness, a traumatic brain injury, or physical or emotional trauma can rob a person of their sense of confidence and independence. Residential care facilities in Burnsville, Minnesota, have been created to help individuals regain the confidence needed to transition to a more independent setting eventually.

At residential care facilities in Burnsville, transitioning to a more independent setting means that a person achieves goals, develops a new routine, and learns the skills needed to transition from an intensive care setting to an environment that is less intense.

In a less intensive environment, a person has more freedom, and less structure or staff involvement is required for an individual to have a successful independent life. The goal is for an individual to reach a point where they can incorporate the new routines, skills, and recovery into their daily life.

The goal of rehabilitative foster care is a focus on rehabilitation. Every day, the residents at the care facility are provided with the attention, training, and care needed to grow. This care begins in the morning when the alarm clock goes off and ends in the evening as staff work with the residents on their mental health symptom management.

It is a cause of joy and celebration to watch individuals whose independence was reduced because of mental health or physical trauma regaining their independence before the trauma was experienced.

Learn more about the rehabilitative residential programs offered in Burnsville, Minnesota, and see how Options Residential Inc. provides a healthy environment that empowers individuals diagnosed with brain injury, mental illness, and substance abuse when you visit them today.

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