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by | Mar 31, 2017 | Dentist

If a person has a decayed tooth that is bleeding, what can they do? 99% of decayed teeth will never bleed. Rather, it is the gingiva that is bleeding. Therefore, the same precautions should be taken for gingivitis as people would for decay. What if a person has several decayed teeth? How did it get to that point? These questions can be answered through emergency dental services in Gainesville. The three factors below, if combined, can cause tooth decay.

The natural fragility of the tooth should never be ignored. Life is unfair, and there are teeth that are naturally resistant to decay and then there are others who can get cavities very easily. It is the parents and grandparents of the patient who gave them their dental genetics. In addition, dental enamel is very resistant to decay, while the roots are considered to be very fragile to decay. That’s why when humans grow old; the tooth begins to weaken. This is why most geriatrics have little to no original teeth left.

Sugar and acid are the enemies of tooth enamel. There is a lot of sugar in processed foods. There is a lot of sugar in soft drinks. In fact, there is sugar everywhere, in ketchup, in relish, in peanut butter and even in chips. It is difficult to avoid sugar since it is found everywhere… The worst foods are soft drinks like Pepsi and Coke. In fact, a can of Pepsi or Coke contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. In addition, Pepsi and Coke are extremely acidic, which means they should be avoided. Younger kids like sweets, which means younger people have a lot of cavities during their childhood. Having a good diet contributes greatly to the health of each person’s teeth.

Bacteria are everywhere. In each mouth, there are millions of bacteria. These bacteria eat sugar and turn this meal into enamel-eating acid. It is necessary to prevent them from growing. Bacteria, when alone or disorganized, are not very dangerous. But after a while, they stick together and form dental plaque. This is their way of organizing to concentrate the acid that will dissolve enamel. This is why flawless brushing, as well as flossing at least once a day, undoubtedly helps prevent tooth decay and prevents the person from needing emergency dental services in Gainesville. Contact Exceptional Dentistry to learn more.

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