Halar: A Corrosion Resistant Coating

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Business

In many industries, corrosion is a serious issue. It affects the ability of products to last. It also interferes with researchers and technicians, preventing them from being able to perform their tasks safely. Corrosion is often associated with rust, however, it also applicable to the destruction of a container or item through other means. This includes acid or other chemicals that “eat” away at the container until it develops apertures or falls apart. In order to prevent this from happening, fabricators apply a corrosion resistant coating. Among the various types currently available is Halar® ECTFE.

What Is Halar?

Halar® ECTFE is classified as a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene. To express it in simple terms – Halar is a plastic. What makes it interesting is that it is both semi-crystalline and melt-processable. This, together with its specific properties, makes it suited for powder coatings.

Properties of a Halar Powder Coating

Halar coatings have specific characteristics or properties because they are a member of the fluoropolymer family. Among the most important are the following:

* Excellent chemical resistance

* Very good thermal resistance

* Good electrical properties

* Broad-use temperature range

* Optimum saturation resistance

* Exceptional flame resistance

* Outstanding abrasion resistance

* Excellent impact strength

* Very good surface characteristics

* Surface smoothness

* Purity

These combine to make it an excellent means of providing corrosion and other resistant properties to the substrate surface. As a corrosion resistant coating, Halar holds a solid place in certain industrial applications.

Applications of a Halar Powder Coated Component

Halar is adept in the service of certain industries. In particular, it is best suited for those who products must perform in a highly corrosive or ultrapure environment. Halar products, capable of resisting the corrosive actions of a variety of chemicals, find the perfect role as a variety of containers and process equipment. As such, they ae used for coating:

* Agitators

* Centrifuges

* Electroplating equipment

* Exhaust hoods

* Filters

* Piping systems

* Reactors

* Semiconductor chemical storage tanks and ductwork

* Vessels

* Specific industries utilizing a Halar powder coating for corrosion resistance include:

* Pharma & Chemical Industry

* Pulp & Paper

* Semiconductors

* Waste Disposal

* Petrochemical Industry

They know Halar powder coatings provide an effective means of preventing corrosion occurring in their workplace.

Halar – An Excellent Corrosion Resistant Coating

If you are looking for a material that provides protection against corrosion in a harsh environment, consider the advantages of the copolymer Halar. Its ability to prevent the destructive forces of chemical corrosion eroding such medical and petrochemical devices makes it a useful product. It is for this and other reasons why a Halar corrosion resistant coating is increasingly popular for specific specialized industrial applications.

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