Getting To Know Pharmaceutical Packaging Companies Saves Money

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Medical Equipment

With any type of packaging from primary pharmaceutical packaging to secondary packaging with innovative and unique designs, working with the best pharmaceutical packaging companies is both cost saving as well as essential for branding and market recognition.

With the best in packaging solutions not only is your product more marketable, but it is also possible to ensure top security for all aspects of the packaging. Think of the primary packaging as the most important, and it provides the security covers for bottles and the sealed blister packaging for tablets, capsules, and pills.

Secondary packaging is the actual branding type of package on the outside of the primary packaging. Not all products use secondary packaging, but having a well-designed container will add to the marketability and recognition of your product with your target audience.

Specialized Packaging

For specialized packaging requirements, working with pharmaceutical packaging companies that have the equipment and the ability to complete the packaging to your specification and in the volume you require is critical.

This can include tamper-evident packaging that allows consumers to determine immediately if the package has been opened or altered in any way. Anti-counterfeit packaging is becoming increasingly important in today’s global marketplace, as it proprietary packaging for specific types of medications, veterinary drugs and vaccines, personal care products, beauty products and even vitamins and dietary supplements.

Finally, for the lowest cost options, be sure to ask if the pharmaceutical packaging company is able to process child-resistant or senior-friendly options, or even both today in one packaging option. This allows you to do all packaging through one company.

Experience, Production, and Delivery

When you select a company, it will be essential to review the packaging ability, but also the experience in working to design the right packaging for the specific pharmaceutical products. A company with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry is always a superior choice as they have the equipment, the staff, and the expertise to complete packaging requirements correctly on every order.

Additionally, if there may be multiple packaging requirements, including packing of medications for patients, hospitals and for physician sample kits finding one company to handle all packaging requirements will not only save on the cost, but it will greatly reduce stress.

Finally, and something that needs to be evaluated is the reputation of each of the pharmaceutical packaging companies for adherence to delivery schedules and production requirements. Finding a company offering 100% delivery on schedule and on a budget is going to be not only cost effective but also the start of a very positive long-term working relationship.

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