General Information On Recovery Times From A Vascular Surgeon

The surgical procedures available to a vascular surgeon make the treatment of diseases and conditions of the arteries and veins much more effective than in the past. These specialists can treat both venous disease and arterial disease by performing surgical procedures that correct the problem.

The first step will be a consultation with the vascular surgeon in Scottsdale AZ. This is a time to discuss the procedure recommended, consider your options, and schedule the treatment.

Vein Treatment Recovery

In many cases, and particularly with vein therapy, the procedures are completed in the office of the vascular surgeon. These procedures use local anesthesia to treat spider veins and many types of varicose veins.

There is some limited bruising and swelling of the legs, and the individual will need to wear compression socks or stockings for about one to two weeks. Most people can resume normal activities at the end of two weeks. Walking is encouraged immediately after the procedure, and most patients return to light duty or sedentary types of jobs the next day.

Vein stripping is completed in the hospital and has a longer recovery time of about a month. Patients in Scottsdale, AZ, will start walking immediately after the procedure but gradually build up to a return to work in about one to two weeks.

Arterial Procedures

These operations are more significant, and the procedure is performed by the vascular surgeon in the hospital with the patient admitted for several days. It will be essential to start slowly while walking and moving and avoid any strenuous exercise for several weeks. Most patients will have a full recovery in about two months.

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