Ford Special Offers Can Save You Money

Ford and other car manufacturers will offer special offers for certain customers. The dealership must agree to these special offers for you to receive them; so, you will want to check with the dealer to see if they have them available. You will also need to make sure that you qualify for any special offers that you would like to receive. The criteria for qualifying is typically easy, if you have good credit and agree to the terms. If you aren’t sure what the terms and criteria is, you can ask your dealer for all the details. Here are some of the current 2016 Ford Edge SUV special offers that may be available.

Retail Owner Loyalty

Ford is offering $1,500 cash back to some customers along with 0.0% APR for up to 60 months. This offer is only available on certain models of the 2016 Edge. If you choose to sign an agreement for 72 months, you must pay 1.9% APR. You need to meet certain finance rates and buy your vehicle by a certain date as well to receive this special offer. You can also add on up to another $1,500 cash back if you also qualify for another retail owner loyalty special offer and the Black Friday special offer.

Black Friday Retail Bonus Cash

If you buy a qualified model by the end of November, and you qualify, you can receive an extra $1,000 cash back. This can help you out if your dealership will allow you to combine offers and get the best price possible.

Retail Customer Cash

Ford is also running an offer for $1,750 cash back on certain 2016 Ford Edge models. You must buy the vehicle before the third of January in 2017. Many of the 2016 Edge models qualify under these special offers if your dealership has the vehicle in stock.

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