For Strength and Beauty: Ornamental Iron Fence in Katy, TX

You have invested time and money in your commercial property, and ensuring that investment is secure night and day has to be a priority. Security systems are great for identifying criminals after a crime has occurred, but a more cost-effective solution is prevention. One of the best deterrents to break-ins, as any security professional will tell you, is the amount of time a crime will take. Thieves want to get in and out quickly to avoid being seen. This is why secured fencing is the perfect solution for many industrial and commercial settings.

Choosing by Appearance

When people consider a strong commercial Fence in Katy, TX, they often picture chain link. Chain link fencing is a great solution for many. Chain link is affordable, strong and easy to customize. Unfortunately, it is not always as attractive as property owners would like. Instead, visualize a beautiful ornamental iron fence. Iron will provide the strength you need, but it also offers a timeless aesthetic appeal as well.


Ornamental iron is not just another pretty fence. Even though it is eye-catching in its beauty, its bars are too strong to bend or break easily, and the spiked finial top design makes it a poor option for intruders seeking to climb over. With the addition of a secured access through single or dual gates, you will have a safety feature which will protect your property while simultaneously adding value.

Gate Options

There are many more options for iron gates than you may realize. Single or double swing gates can be installed with keyed locks. Cantilever gates make it possible to adequately secure parking areas and industrial yards. Plus, all of these gate options can even be automated and controlled from inside, making it perfect for busy areas that require security around the clock.

Ornamental iron is the perfect solution for any Fence in Katy, TX. Whether your property is residential, commercial or industrial, iron fencing provides an upscale option requiring little maintenance and capable of meeting any security needs.

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