Finding a Land Surveyor Near Pike County, GA

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Home and Garden

Once you take ownership of a house, the last thing you think you will need is a land surveyor near Pike County, GA. There are many different reasons as to why you might need their professional services, but finding a good one is not as simple as picking one from the yellow pages.

Before Hiring a Land Surveyor

Before you run out and try to find a licensed land surveyor, gather up all of the papers you have regarding your property. Carefully look through them and any maps of the property you find to see if you can answer your own questions. Most title insurance documents come complete with easement information and plot maps.

Ask for Recommendations

Once you determine that you are in need of a land surveyor’s expertise, you can call up your real estate agent and the title company to ask for recommendations. When calling the agent who sold you the property, you can address your concerns to them, as sometimes they know the answer to the most basic questions. The same concept applies to title companies, as they know about easements and other simple things.

Scour the Internet

In addition to the recommendations by a title company or real estate agent, you can also look on the Internet for a land surveyor near Pike County, GA. When using the Internet, always visit the state surveyors association for non-biased information. This website will give you basic information and direct you to the company’s website for further research.

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