Female Pop Singers-What Makes Them Special?

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

Historically speaking there have been a tremendous number of female pop singers that have been entertaining people since music has been sung.  Some pop singers make the scene and are around long enough to become one hit wonders, others become iconic cultural phenomena’s. What is the difference? Why is it that some vocalists can hang in there for generations and others seemingly burn out quickly and are relegated to a song on the oldies station? What makes a female artist “special” enough to stick around?

The Talent Counts
Pop music gets a bad rap when it comes to the critics. They do not really look at a pop songstress’s talent. They reserve “talent” conversations and comments for the more “serious” singers. The reality is talent is the deciding factor when it comes to the longevity of a pop musician’s career. The ability to be:

*Flexible in genres
*Display a good range

Versatility is a must when it comes to singing. A true vocal artist will have that one genre that they love and excel at but they will also be able to cross over into other genres. The most talented pop vocalists have come from other genres or have training in the classical genres. They become pop singers because they are versatile and flexible. They bring an energy to the stage that comes from a foundation of talent and the love of the craft. That energy will carry them through most any genre including pop.  The artists that are able to stand the test of time are able to do so not because they appeal to the masses but because they are talented and that is the appeal.

No matter what type of music a person listens to, talent is talent. Being able to appeal to a very wide audience really comes down to the inherent talent of the singer. Those artists that are not able to stand the test of time are likely lacking in the talent department.

The Presentation
Pop music is dependent in large part on presentation. It can be a lot of smoke and mirrors when the talent is not there. The pop vocalists that have been able to remain have remained because of their presentation.  The vocalists that depended on smoke and mirrors may be able to experience some success but it is usually short lived. Talent makes the difference.

Sylvia Brooks is one of “those” female pop singers that is versatile and talented. She brings the music to life no matter what genre she is singing in. Listen to Sylvia Brooks today!

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