FAQs About Moving Machinery In Dallas

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Moving and Relocating

In Texas, industrial movers are a vital requirement for avoiding unnecessary complexities that are damaging for a local company. Instead of hiring standard movers, these companies hire skilled movers who manage industrial machinery and equipment on a daily basis. A local service provider can provide answers to frequently asked questions about Moving Machinery in Dallas.

Are the Movers Certified to Handle Hazardous Materials?

The industrial movers will be required to move equipment and machinery that contains or uses hazardous materials. For this reason, they are required to become certified to handle these materials according to EPA regulations. During a move, it is possible for the movers to remove these substances from the machinery. They need certification for these purposes.

Who Provides the Blueprints for the Equipment?

Typically, the company has the specifications and blueprints for the machinery as this information is needed to assemble the equipment. However, if it isn’t readily available, the movers could acquire these materials from the manufacturer. If any fees are required to get these blueprints and/or instructions, the company may incur the additional costs or associated fees for the order.

Do the Movers Provide Crating?

Typically, no, the movers do not provide crating for the equipment or machinery. These service providers use rigging for the equipment to secure it to transport vehicles that are used to tow the machinery to the new location. However, when storage is needed, it is possible to acquire crating through select service providers.

Are All Transport Vehicles Enclosed?

Standard transport vehicles are enclosed. However, rigging services often use flatbed trucks to haul large equipment. The size of the machinery that is transported determines what type of transport vehicles are used when services are rendered. The movers will discuss these requirements with the company owner when services are booked.

In Texas, industrial movers manage complex equipment and machinery. They can disassemble these items quickly and set them up at the new location. The relocation project is planned out completely before the movers start. Companies that require services such as Moving Machinery in Dallas or Browse our website for more information about these opportunities today.

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