Family Law Attorney South Carolina Assists with Divorce, Child Support and Paternity

When it comes to settling matters involving divorce, child support or paternity cases, it’s best to get the help from a family law attorney in South Carolina if you live in that state. These can be complicated situations and only a knowledgeable expert knows the most current legal answers to your questions.

Family Law Attorney South Carolina Handles Divorce Cases

Divorce is one of the common types of cases handled in family court and a lawyer specialized in handling it can be very valuable for several reasons. First, since divorce is very emotional, the lawyer can be a buffer so that the couple can be focused more on the facts of the situation.  Plus, they are experts in all the various codes and laws, so can protect their client’s rights and help their client get the best outcome.

Alimony, Child Support and Custody

The two types of support that family lawyers can assist their clients with are child and spousal support, as well as child custody situations. These are serious and extremely emotional matters in the case of a divorce and the lawyer will be well versed in handling them fairly and knowledgeably. Plus, a court order usually stands up better than a simple agreement between a couple, so it is best to hire a lawyer.

Paternity Cases

Yet another frequent issue handled by a family lawyer is a paternity case. This is where a mother is trying to prove someone is the father of her child. It usually is also when the mother is trying to get child support for that child or when someone is fighting for custody of the child. Having a lawyer can make this go much smoother.


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