Enrichment Programs Are Offered at Jewish Preschool in Rockville, MD

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Preschool

When you are thinking about your child’s early learning and development, you also have to consider what type of enrichment programs are offered at his or her preschool. Enrichment programs in a Jewish learning curriculum can do much in introducing children to activities inside and outside their culture.

For example, one Jewish preschool in Rockville, MD makes it possible to enrich a child’s learning experience by hosting programs that support a child’s gross motor skill and cognitive development. For instance, one enrichment program that centers on movement allows children to move their bodies in varying ways. Kids learn to dance to music, participate in a parade using instruments, or transform their bodies into animals or airplanes.

Exploring the Various Mediums of Art

Jewish preschool classes that offer artistic enrichment permit children to discover various art mediums as well, whether they are pastels, oils, collages, watercolors, or clay. Natural materials are used to replicate certain colors and produce paintings, drawings, or sculptures. Children are given the opportunity to share their artistic creations with their peers.

Sports that are part of Jewish preschool enrichment classes include such all-time favorites as soccer. For example, each child is given a soccer ball to develop his or her basic skills in the sport. Other activities offered include yoga, nature walking, and cooking.

Children Learn How to Cook

When children participate in cooking, they can learn basic math skills through the measurements that they use. Therefore, they get a head start on learning fractions and how to add. In addition, instructional images are featured to make the process go more smoothly. Spoons, measuring cups, and similar kitchen utensils are introduced to class members. Literacy is encouraged as well as everyone reads the recipes while following each step.

If you want to learn more about enrichment programs for your toddler, click here to gain further insight and information. All the above-mentioned activities make learning a promising as well as inspiring undertaking.

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