Effective Strategies When Designing Promotional Apparel for Screen Print in Kansas City

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Business

Charitable organizations often contract with a business for Screen Print in Kansas City so they can have customized t-shirts and other apparel. Those items might be given away to donors or volunteers, or sold at various types of events. Especially with smaller organizations, there isn’t always a person in charge who is very knowledgeable about marketing and promotion or has extensive experience in those realms. It’s important to consider the most effective ways to have this apparel designed, so the promotional opportunity is not lost.

There are two particularly effective strategies in regard to color schemes for apparel Screen Print in Kansas City. One is to have all the items in colors that are connected with the organization. This isn’t always the best promotional technique, however. A charity may have a logo in neutral tones, for instance, but those hues are not eye-catching. The organization might have t-shirts, hats and other items made up in brighter, bolder colors instead. Another option would be to use those precise, neutral hues for the shirt color and include a smaller area with a rainbow of color somewhere on the item.

It’s important for the text on the t-shirts to be easy to read. Obscure, flowery fonts are not advisable for this purpose. Some text may be small, but the most important details should be visible from at least a few feet away. That includes the name of the association and any other pertinent information the group would like to convey to people who see the shirt while it’s being worn at a mall, a restaurant or an athletic game.

The items could be connected with a specific fundraising event and allow supporters to show their interest to everyone by wearing the apparel. Many individuals like to wear t-shirts and hats from charitable events for many years, indicating their ongoing support for that organization and event. The details should at least include the name of the event, the year or the full date, and the group’s name. The staff members at a company such as Business Name are ready to bring the designs into reality. Find more information online.

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