Effective Lower Back Pain Treatments

Suffering from lower back pain can be a frightening experience that needs to seek professional help is sometimes a frightening experience. Advances in modern medicine have given healthcare professionals more options when treating those suffering from lower back pain. Those suffering from mild to severe pain now have many non-invasive treatments they can try before settling for the uncertainty of surgery.

Medical Pain Management
The goal of any medical pain management is to reduce the severity of the pain you are in. Most commonly, however, healthcare professionals prefer to link medical pain management along with other treatments. Medical pain management treats the pain but does not treat the underlying cause of your lower back pain and other issues. Any medical pain management should be monitored closely. Relief can come in the form of oral medications or injections and is often a temporary solution.

FMS or Functional Movement System is an advanced technique used to treat lower back pain in the Bainbridge area. This revolutionary new treatment focuses on using movement pattern analysis and primarily focuses on improving mobility, stability, and basic motor control. This treatment is used to attempt to fix your underlying problem instead of simply masking your pain.

Decompression Therapy
There are as many benefits to decompression therapy as there are types of decompression therapies offered. Reduced pain, which is one of the most sought-after reliefs, is at the top of the list. Many people find they have reduced pain issues once they go through decompression therapy treatments. Better mobility is another symptom often times treated by decompression therapy.

Seeking Experts
The healthcare professionals at OneSource Healthcare are at the forefront of the lower back pain treatment frontier. Using advanced techniques such as DRX-9000 decompression therapy, they are there to help you rid yourself of lower back pain in the Bainbridge area.

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