Directional Boring is Not Boring

In fact, it can help your business to modernize and improve telephone service. Horizontal directional drilling – as directional boring is also known – is an alternative to the open trench method of installing or upgrading utilities when significant obstacles such as existing roadways, walkways, buildings, or other other objects present themselves. For instance, when upgrading telephone lines in a busy historic district, directional boring would be preferable. There’s less disruption to traffic on roadways and sidewalks, less downtime for businesses, and a faster way to get the services installed and running. Good all all around.

Five Quick Facts

As mentioned, directional boring is anything but boring. It’s a fascinated technology that has exploded in popularity in the last 20 years due to its low impact and quick results.

  • Directional boring uses drilling fluid or air and foam to drill an arc through soil and rock without disturbing more of the surface than is at the drilling entry point.
  • Though most projects are much smaller, pipe diameter can be as much as 48″ and distance has reached up to 6500 feet from entry.
  • A method of directional boring can be used to replace existing pipe such as asbestos/cement, PVC, clay and unreinforced concrete pipe This is called pipe reaming.
  • The cost for directional boring is much less than for using excavation trenching methods.
  • In environmentally sensitive areas, a method called “dry boring” can ease fears about the effect of drilling fluid or foam on the environment and wildlife.

Hire the Right One

Make it a one stop shop for your boring and telephone system in Jackson MS. The company you choose should have ample experience in installing modern technology at every stage. Looking over the technologies you need and finding the best way to answer that need is easy when you know the right people to hire.

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