Differences in Wedding Catering Halls in Suffolk County NY

Venues for wedding receptions are never in short supply. Those who wish to spend a small fortune can select massive halls that have chefs and wait staff to cook and serve a formal sit-down dinner to five-hundred guests. A wedding planner or event coordinator handles all the details, so all the bride and groom and their closest family and friends have to do is show up and enjoy the fairy-tale party. Not all brides and grooms want that much fuss, or can afford that much fuss. Light hors d’oeuvres, desserts, or pasta dishes may be served instead of a formal meal.

In some cases, weddings are simple celebrations that are catered by a local restaurant, or by the family themselves. All that is required of Wedding Catering Halls in Suffolk County NY or those events is set up space for a buffet area, a place for a small bar, and maybe enough room for servers to man the buffet table. A refrigerator, a microwave, and a small kitchen area are typically available. Be sure find out exactly what is available when inquiring about halls. Most have tables and chairs, air conditioning, and a sound system. Some have lighting, a television for presentations, and equipment for a DJ. Most simple halls hold between one-hundred and to-hundred and fifty guests.

In any case, the most important element of Wedding Catering Halls in Suffolk County NY is the dance floor. A large dance floor is necessary for traditional dances between the bride and groom, bride and father, and groom and mother. It is also used for chair dances, large group dances, and the throwing of the bouquet. A hall with a small dance floor makes people feel crowded, makes them hesitant to get up to dance, and keeps people in their seats. That makes for a dull and long evening. That provides plenty of room for everyone to dance. Find out about private dance lessons as well to hone up skills for the big day, or learn new ones to impress guests.

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