Defining Factors Associated with the Claim with Construction Accident Lawyers in Bronx, NY

In New York, certain laws apply to construction zones, which require the foreman to follow safety regulations to prevent avoidable accidents. A failure to comply with these regulations makes the foreman liable. Construction accident lawyers Bronx, NY represent workers and victims of these unsafe conditions.

Investigating the Scene of the Accident

An investigation determines what safety regulations weren’t followed. Under New York laws, signs must be present inside and around the construction site. The letters on these signs must measure no less than ten inches.

The construction site must provide barriers to prevent unauthorized entrance. This must include caution tape around the parameter of the site. Barricades must be situated within the construction zone if explosives are used.

Identifying Who Was Managing the Construction Site

A foreman is the first probable defendant in an accident claim. It is their responsibility directly to assess the construction site at all times. The owner of the construction company must hire a foreman for these purposes. However, any failure caused by the owner makes them liable. These failures include a lack of adequate safety gear for workers and non-disclosure of known risks. The owner must also acquire safety training for all workers performing duties on-site.

Claims for Worker Injuries

Injured workers file an initial claim through workers’ compensation insurance. The company owner manages the claim’s process. The worker presents a claim form to the doctor when they seek medical treatment, and the doctor submits the injury claim to the insurance provider. If the worker is denied, they could file a formal claim through the court.

Permanent Injuries and Wrongful Death

Local residents who were injured or died can also file injury claims. Non-compliance of safety regulations is a primary cause for outsider injuries. However, if they entered the construction zone unlawfully, they cannot collect compensation.

In New York, safety regulations are enforced in construction zones. A failure to comply with these regulations presents negligence and liability. The identity of the victim determines if it is a premise’s liability or a worker-related injury. Victims of these events should hire construction accident lawyers Bronx, NY by contacting the Law Office of Ada R. Pretto, P.L.L.C.

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