Custom-Fit Clear Aligners in Fishers IN Gradually Improve a Person’s Smile

Clear aligners in Fishers IN are appealing to many people who wish their teeth were straighter or in more normal alignment but don’t want to wear conventional braces. These aligners are smooth trays that fit over the teeth. They are nearly invisible, allowing people to wear them without anyone noticing at work, school or social engagements. Most acquaintances will never even know this person is wearing aligners unless they are told about it. In addition to straightening crooked teeth, the devices can bring teeth closer together if there are gaps. It also can move crowded teeth to a more normal position.

These Clear Aligners in Fishers IN are made of sturdy plastic instead of metal. They not only are difficult to see, they don’t irritate the soft tissues in the mouth the way that metal braces can. The device can be kept in at all times except for a few exceptions, primarily when the individual is eating, drinking a beverage other than water, or cleaning the teeth. Someone who plays a sport can wear the aligner during the activity, although someone who plays a brass or wind instrument may need to remove the device while making music.

A clinic such as Moore-Berry Dentistry determines a custom fit for the aligners and provides them in a series to patients. As the teeth gradually move into proper position, new aligners will be needed during the process. A new aligner may be swapped for the previous one as often as every two weeks. The devices typically are comfortable except soon after the change has been made, when tightness and a bit of aching in the mouth may be expected. The dentist will likely advise patients to take some over-the-counter pain medication instead of removing the aligner for relief. The more hours per day the equipment is kept in the mouth, the sooner the straightening process will be complete. Most patients only need to wear aligners for a year or less, but if anyone routinely takes the device out while sleeping or going out with friends, the desired results will take longer than expected. Browse our website for further details on clear aligners.

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