Creating Perfect Pictures With A Customized Photo Booth Backdrop

With everyone having a smartphone or a digital camera at a wedding or any special event, creating a customized photo booth is a very popular idea. If you are planning any type of gathering from something casual to something informal, adding a well-designed photo booth a terrific idea.

Creating the Booth

The booth itself can be smaller or larger, but you should consider the type of gathering and how large the group may be that wants pictures. For weddings, anniversaries or even birthdays and holidays, consider an area that can comfortably hold at least 4-6 people.

To create the photo booth backdrop, choose pre-made curtains, don’t use fabric layered over doweling or other makeshift types of frame and fabric combinations. The photo booth backdrop and the frame will inevitably be bumped and jostled, so you want something that is well-designed and solid for both safety as well as durability.

Select the colors for your photo booth backdrop that will match the colors of the wedding or event. You can also choose a neutral color such as white or off-white, or even consider a solid darker color.


Depending on the theme of the event, you can choose different design elements to go into the booth. When you select the curtains, choose a fabric that can stand up to signs, posters or photos if you want to have those along the back of the booth to identify the event and create a customized look.

For weddings, many couples choose to display the date and their names on the backdrop, making the pictures memorable. You could also put themed paper decorations on the background as well.

Adding a few chairs and prop types of decorations is also a good idea. Just remember, don’t make it too crowded as limited decorations often look much better in photographs than having too much on display.

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