Crack Repair In Westford MA And Waterproofing Can Eliminate Water Problems In Your Home

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Water Proofing

Does your basement have damp areas? Is there mold or mildew growing in the corner of the basement? Are there cracks in the mortar or block in the basement? Cracks that appear in a basement usually indicate a problem with water around the foundation walls. Ground water that is not properly drained away from the foundation can cause pressure on the walls or floor of a foundation and they’ll crack. Crack repair in Westford MA can penetrate cracks and will be flexible to shift with the foundation and freeze and thaw cycles.

Eliminating water in a basement can reduce the chances for mold to grow in a home. Mold can cause breathing problems to occupants in the home. In addition to causing respiratory problems, mold has a distinct smell that is difficult to remove from a home. Dry-Seal 500 can repair the wall and floor cracks, tie rods, sewer pipes, window wells, swimming pools, patios, bridges, garages and more. When a basement is leaking water, it usually requires the installation of French drains. These drains are an interior solution that can help with basement drainage and hydrostatic pressure. Poor drainage on the exterior walls of a foundation is the cause of the pressure that creates cracks.

Removing water from the basement walls is necessary for Crack Repair in Westford MA to work properly. Sealing the cracks will keep water from leaking in. If the water isn’t removed from the footer of a home or the walls of a home, they will bow or crack further. An experienced waterproofing company can perform a thorough analysis of a basement to determine the best repair. Indoor repairs to a basement can eliminate costly landscape or driveway damage that will occur with outdoor French drain replacement. It can also be installed during any season and the drains will be protected from clogging or crushing.

They have sound solutions to basement water problems that are affordable and efficient. Don’t let moisture and mold ruin your home when they can secure, stabilize and prevent water from entering the foundation area again.

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