Comprehensive Services for Hawaiian Telcom in Honolulu

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Call Center

Telecommunications is the driving force of any business. It can be a business of one, a small business of ten, or a huge company with multiple branches or offices. Customers have to be able to call the business for services, coworkers have to send files, emails, and reports to each other from their desktop computers, and a mobile workforce has to be able to make calls and access data remotely. Video conferencing, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems, internal systems for hotels, and encoded email protection are just a few components available to facilitate communications within a business, with customers, and among partners and collaborators.

If services for preferred communication are not operating, the business ceases to be productive. Telephone systems, internet connections, cell phone services, wireless networks, and databases have to be reliable and secure. Most businesses require more than one method of communication to keep work, processes, and procedures moving forward. Finding one company that can provide all services for Hawaiian Telecom in Honolulu will save businesses time and money, as well as improve network and server security. Free consultations are provided to determine the effectiveness of current systems and make recommendations for improving communications. Services include call centers for orders and customer service, VoIP PBX phone systems and hosting, voice and internet connections, security solutions, designing and building of data networks, and web and video conferencing. Backup and recovery systems are also available.

In addition to system design, installation, and maintenance, training is provided for all business employees to make sure the products and services selected for Hawaiian Telecom in Honolulu are utilized to their full potential. Various degrees of security can be built right into each system designed to protect the business, clients, customers, and intellectual property. Professional services and consulting are also offered for business planning, disaster recovery plans, assessments of systems and procedures, strategic planning, and special project management. Business owners across industries can go to to learn about experience and capabilities, and to arrange for a free consultation. Working with one company, having one invoice, and dealing with one contact person for all communication needs makes doing business easier.

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