Clear Pine and Knotty Pine Doors: Choosing the Right Door for Your Room

When you choose do decorate your home, the options seem limitless. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a current home, or just updating your existing décor, there are many ways to make a statement in your home. One of the ways you can make your style known is with the doors that you choose. When you’re looking for a rustic or more natural look for your home, solid wood doors are an excellent choice. Pine is a durable and attractive material that can provide valuable aesthetics to your home. When it comes to choosing your pine doors, you can choose either clear or knotty pine doors.

Clear Pine Doors
Clear pine doors, or doors without any visible knots, work well in a room that has a more polished décor. They take paint evenly and will maintain a consistent finish. Clear pine doors can give you a number of options: if your trim is stained, matching them exactly to that trim is appealing. They can also be painted to match trim or even the walls of the room (if the trim is a different color). Clear pine doors take both stain and paint evenly, so they are a good choice if that is the look you want for your room.

Knotty Pine Doors
For rooms with a more rustic décor, knotty pine doors are an excellent choice. They are well suited to cabins, lodges, cottages, or even homes that are simply decorated in a rustic manner. Knotty pine doors have strong character, so they do not take well to painting. When painted, the knots and grain will show through. However, they are beautiful when stained or left natural and just sealed. They provide a unique accent to any room and really bring out rustic décor.

No matter what style of wood door you choose, it is important to choose doors that are solid and have been made with quality craftsmanship. You are unlikely to replace most doors more than once during your stay in any home. Therefore, choosing doors that will stand the test of time is a worthwhile investment.

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